Colt: An American Legend

R.L. Wilson

Review  |  If you like shooting and guns you will be familiar with Colt. Colt was for many years one of the most respected and recognized brand name products in the world.  Colt firearms have always been among the very best available. Sam Colt invented the modern revolver and his company developed it from it’s cap and ball roots to it’s modern cartridge configuration. The hall mark of Colt Firearms was always quality manufacturing, fit and finish. There is high demand now days for antique and vintage Colts of all types.

R. L Wilson is regarded as one of the pre-eminent experts on Colt history and firearms. In Colt: An American Legend he brings together lavish photographs of some of the finest examples of gun makers art. Everything from presentation pieces, cased sets, fine engraving and inlay to significant historical firearms, the photography is truly first class.

This book has an instructive text but the real meat of the book is in the photographs. The book offers a great visual reference for the engraver and the gunsmith, as well as the rest of you gun fanciers. Wilson has authored over 13 books on Colt as well as books on Winchester and other historical subjects. I recommend all his books highly. –M.B.